Welcome to Futurestream

Futurestream Limited was established in 1997 to provide eLearning, training and project management support to companies. The company has operated within both public and private sectors and prides itself on the level of repeat business and contract extensions received.


Futurestream offers services in the following areas - see page for further details.

  • eLearning authoring & implementation
  • Learning Management Systems consultancy
  • Training project management
  • Training needs analysis and policies
  • Compliance reviews and consultancy


A wide range of clients in both private and public sectors - always keen to work with more - check the page for further information and details. This site overviews projects undertaken and products delivered, but due to client confidentiality many of the financial benefits and delegate outcomes are not detailed.

eLearning Computer

eLearningcomputer.com website is the platform hosting content for various projects. It gives the flexibility of having eLearning material hosted quickly on a previously established and tested site. Domain names can be set up for clients and learners guided to material quickly and efficiently - see page for further details.

Contact Us

To request further information or discuss details about a learning requirement, please get in touch using the form.